Afroman has released a remix for Because I Got High

afroman because i got high remix

After nearly 15 years since the release of Afroman’s hit song “Because I Got High” (yes, that’s right, how old do you feel now?), he’s returned to the music game with a remix for the classic stoner tune. I honestly thought that he had died, but as it turns out he had spent the better part of the last decade chilling out on his couch getting high.

I’ve gotta say I quite enjoy the remix, but maybe that’s just because of all the good memories associated with the song (if you know what I mean). He’s updated the song, now that weed is starting to get legalised across America and Afroman is back with more drive than ever – maybe this time, we won’t have to wait a lifetime before he releases another tune (although I’m not really sure what else he’d sing about).

Is it 420 yet?

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