Afrikaburn 2017 by Drone

Image by Jonx Pillemer

We were expecting loads more drone videos from AB2017 & were saddened when we didn’t see the quality videos we were expecting but there has been only ONE that has stood out from the rest & Afrikaburn released it yesterday.

There was one licensed drone* in Tankwa Town this year – and this is the result of the footage taken from it. It’s a sublime feast for the eyeballs that captures the vast scale of artworks, and our temporary experimental city.

A million thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in putting this glorious piece together!

*True story: only one, because only one application was from an operator that fulfilled the new Civil Aviation Authority permit requirements. The reason we have to have licensed drones only?

Because their operators (who are pilots) know to avoid airstrips, and we have an active airstrip – and any drones flown near our airstrip (which is used for medical evacuations) will result in it being closed down, which would mean jeopardising the life of any participant who requires medical evacuation by air. So please kids, leave those recreational drones at home, thanks.

Pilot: Graham Newton
Camera: Neil Webster
Support: Toni Unterberger
Edit: Dan Clayton

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