Afrikaburn 2014 [PICS & VIDEO]


Afrikaburn is magical experience, an experience that is hard to put into writing. I could literally be here all day telling you stories of our journey to and from Tankwa Town, random encounters, non stop dancing through the desert, the mystical burnings of the out of this world structures, I could go on for ever…

We’ve let Luke Moore do the talking for us with his pictures, while Jayson Hayden captured it on film as he likes to call it: “Afrikaburn: A journey through space, time and consciousness!”

Luke Moore: “321 30″ Exposures Stacked Together.”

Quality shots Luke… If you want to see more pictures, head over to the ever talented Jonx Pillmer’s album, it’s incredible. We’ll see if we can permission to add those to this blog post. And while you’re at it, check out Marc Shane Berman’s pictures,they are great!

Please let us know if you have an album you think is share-able, send us the link or comment below with the link.

NOW… Sit back and enjoy this insane video by Jason Hayden from Peanutbutter Productions..


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