African Travel Desk- Explore Africa in Style

People are always going on about the fact that Europeans are so lucky because they’ve got so many awesome holiday destinations right on their doorstep… These are probably also the very same people that dont realise the fact the we are lucky enough to live on one of the most beautiful continents on planet earth and the cradle of all mankind… Africa


This is where African Travel Desk comes in… As their name suggests they offer the customer a selection of top the range holiday and adventure packages at prices that dont cost you an arm and a leg or the deposit on a new house.


From shark cage diving off the coast of Cape Town to a dolphin safari in Zanzibar this company offers the lot. The offer holidays in places like Tanzania, Namibia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and of course right here in South Africa.

Their website is incredibly easy to navigate and if you do decide to give them a shout, they are extremely helpful and willing to get you sorted out with the most suitable holiday package for your needs and desire to explore Africa.


MyCityByNight encourages you to check out AFRICAN TRAVEL DESK and get started on exploring the magnificent continent of Africa!


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