The AFRICAN BEER EMPORIUM is having a Sneak Peak at what's to come on 23 April - be there for beery goodness

Sneak peak 23 April Banner
African Beer Emporium or ABE as it is more fondly known is hosting a sneak peek event on Saturday 23 April 2016 with Kid Fonque (Soul Candi Records) and Amu (KayaFM). Visitors to this event can taste a small selection of the beers and dishes that will be on offer in the weeks to come. The Market @ Sheds is also happening at 012 Central events space next door, so you can be sure that you’ll spend the day entertained.
African Beer Emporium
More on ABE:

African Beer Emporium (ABE) is an upmarket restaurant/bar which will focus on delivering local and foreign visitors a taste of Africa in an unprecedented way and with exceptional style. They will stock a large variety of African beers and their menu will feature signature dishes from all over the continent.

Entrance: R50 (Access to ABE & Market @ Sheds)

Also check out Found Collective, who is hosting FIX, an exhibition of new contemporary artworks by Pretoria artists at the Prince Church building next door.

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