AFCON 2012 kicks off with a bang

AFCON 2012 started this weekend and once again it was the teams that everyone tipped to be in the running who showed their class. Ghana and Ivory Coast started their campaigns off with wins, each displaying some quality football laden with unique African flair.

In the first fixtures of the African Football tournament there was plenty of attacking football on display, with the Ivory Coast vs Sudan game producing the most excitement from a combination of Premier League players including Didier Drogba, who scored the winner on 39 minutes.

From the first weekend of action it really seems like the absence of bigger teams like Nigeria haven’t made much difference to the tournament’s spectator value with some of the other traditionally smaller African footballing nations providing the same if not better levels of football.

The next game that I’ve got my eye on is between Morocco and Tunisia on the 23rd. This is going to be an important match for both teams to win and promises to be quite a cracker to watch given the pedigree of these two teams in World football. For all the results and fixtures check out the Samsung Get into the Spirit website.

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