Adopt a Chop for Charity with Savanna

South African dig to braai- that’s fairly obvious to most people out there. However, when it comes to giving back – often Saffas are going to do the charitable option that involves them doing the least amount of work. The clever people at Savanna and Quirk came up with a cool idea that combines a love for flame-cooked meat with a charitable cause that solves any feelings of guilt that you may have about not doing your bit to redistribute wealth where its needed.

In preparation for this Heritage Day, 24 September, you can take part in the Savanna Adopt a Chop initiative on the Savanna Facebook page. The gist of the idea is that Savanna will donate one ton of meat to FoodBank, a non-profit organisation that distributes food to NGO’s nationwide once all of the chops on their Facebook app have been “adopted”. With Savanna’s donation, FoodBank will ensure that many South Africans in need will also be able to enjoy National Braai Day this year (although maybe they could’ve thought a little bit further than that).

Quirk Digital Agency, creator of the Adopt a Chop campaign explained the reasoning behind the initiative,

“A braai staple, chops aren’t just pieces of meat… they also have dreams. On National Braai Day, Savanna wanted South Africans to spare a thought for the less-fortunate and the brave little chops that are going to help feed South Africans in need.”

Come Braai Day, once the poster chops all have been adopted, Savanna will deliver one ton of meat to FoodBank. By adopting a chop on Savanna’s Facebook page, South Africans will be able to watch their chops go through the motions of marinade, grilling and finally become a meal to someone in need.

To celebrate the grilling of the meat, South African’s are invited to Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Greenpoint on the 24 September with Savanna on their big day out, braai some tasty chops which once cooked will be handed over to FoodBank SA.

Go and adopt a choppie over HERE NOW!

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