Adolf Hitler riding a T-rex? Yup, that’s in the Iron Sky 2 trailer

adolf hitler iron sky 2

Thanks to crowdfunding websites movies like Iron Sky 2, where we get to see Adolf Hitler riding a T-rex finally make the light of day, much to our enjoyment. This movie is a follow on from 2012’s Finnish indie movie Iron Sky, which was about Nazis hiding out on the moon, who returned back to Earth 70 years after the end of WWII in a bid to take control of the planet under the Fuhrer guidance.

In the sequel, Adolf returns to the action to further his conquering Earth with the help of a T-Rex called Blondi (the name of real Hitler’s pet Alsatian) and a sort of hot Sarah Palin. It’s mad enough to make me absolutely amped to go and watch it when it’s eventually released. The movie’s makers are still looking for funding to complete the project and if you’re keen to get involved in helping them realise their dream you can head over to this site and hook them up with a donation.

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