adidas Originals – Like to Death

adidas originals like to death

The latest creative offering from adidas Original thrusts the underlying problem with the culture of social media straight into the limelight. ‘Like to Death‘ is a brand new project commissioned by the brand that ties digital art and social media to mortality (sounds heavy right?). Digital artist Geoffrey Lillemon and art collective Stooki have come together to create a site that features a portrait of Death that gets destroyed bit by bit, being torn about by little particles and hellfire as more and more people around the World ‘like’ it on Facebook.

If no-one likes the the project, it’ll will stay there on the internet for all of time but as we all know – almost every one of us has a morbid obsession with liking things and consuming media all day long, which means this digital artwork probably isn’t going to be around for much longer. It’s a real amazing look at how selfish we are online with the way that we consume, repost, retweet, comment and shape digital landscape. Go and give it a like… Or don’t 🙂

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