adidas Originals and STAR WARS™

Dont judge us, but MyCityByNight have a soft spot for STAR WARS™. Well actually I, Stacky, was the only one alive when the originals came out (hahaha I used a clever pun)!

So while scouring the net looking at all things awesome, I stumbled across this…

adidas Originals have colloaborated with with LUCASFILM LTD and made a SICK range of shoes!
To go with the launch, in true adidas style, they have made a SERIOUSLY awesome advert! As usual it has all the legends that are adidas Originals, Beckham (go gaga girls and Ricky) Snoop (go nizzle in your hizzle guys) the one lad from Oasis, Noel (he is proper well ‘ard innit)!

So being the thorough guys we are here, we decided to drop a call to find out when this collection was hitting our shores, and what a time to phone, they have arrived and are in stores NOW! So you’d better get to the adidas Original store at the Waterfront or the Melrose Arch store in Jozi asap! These will be collectors items for sure!

Here are the Hans Solo SL72 (I am emotional for those)… Sounds like I’m calling out my call name like a fighter pilot when I saying that out loud!

Now have a gander at this awesome advert!

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  1. That ad is so cool. Adidas Originals have made such an insane come back and their ranges at the moment are top class!

  2. @Mike Heazy: I am working on getting myself a pair… I LOVE them… they are the sickest! Think I might need to send Adidas a little mail requesting a pair 😉

    @Joe: to be fair, they have always been strong… but I know what you mean as they are really showing the other brands how its done!!! Really cool ad, I dig Snoops roll 🙂

  3. @Joe.. they have and they rock! Cool to see they get involved with music and entertainment and bring that into sport! perfect mix!

    @Mike.. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We all want! maybe i can speak to R2D2 to get us a pair from the storm troopers!

  4. ya man! Give them a shout… I would love a pair as well. Please wont you also find out how much they retail at?

  5. Those shoes are SWEET ASS!

    MCBN, please organie a give away, i know you want to, u know we want it, whats the hold up??

    Just kidding, but seriously! I want one!

  6. Yoh shoes are mad But i think they need to give away a pair of the David Choe range of adidas or the Aesop rock … Maybe even an adidas jumper BE ORIGINALS people 🙂 would be mad, but adidas are pimping it now with there gear!

  7. Ill run thru cape towns streets in a red Thong bringing back the Kyle stroobel for a nice Adidas jump suite!! ahahhaa

  8. @Gerald: We are working on it, would love to be able to give a pair of shoes away… and we know you guys would love it (oh and you girls, dont worry)

    @Dave: David Choe and Aesop Rock range, kiff… will check into that for you… I am honestly loving the stuff on the adidas Originals page

    Lets hope we can get something nice from R2D2 and C3Po for all of you out there 🙂

  9. OOOOO those do look awesome….

    BUT what about the girls????? Can we see what you have offer us???

    Maybe even do a true MCBN Competition for a pair…


  10. @Adidas Love: Dont you worry, we look after our ladies here. We will be dropping a post with all the ladies originals soon soon… and we would ofcourse give a pair away to the ladies, that is if we can organise it, but we working on it 🙂

  11. @Mike… They retail for R999 my man! You can get them at the Originals store at the Waterfront!

  12. check the other crazy ranges the hidden ones that dont just pop out on the website for people to see!! One the Overseas pages, travel thru an look at all the Skoene daaar bra…. Ou's be pimping it in adidas. The Nikey One tick swoosh whatever u call it, compared to the Adidas oldschool/originals/the trefoil and then the three stripes can do so much more then Nikee

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