adidas All Originals #represent :: Pippa Tshabalala

This week avid video gamer, media arts personality and the former VERGE TV presenter Pippa Tshabalala shows us how she #represents her crew! Pippa is best known as a media arts personality and the former presenter of South Africa’s first locally produced gaming television show The Verge on VUZU TV; where she worked both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

When not working at her current day job as the on-air producer for MTV Base, she reviews video games and writes for SA’s premier gaming magazine NAG as well as for Gamecca Magazine and a number of South African gaming and tech websites. Pippa can also be heard between 08h30 and 09h00 every Friday presenting the video games insert “The Arcade” on the UJFM breakfast show.

Pippa holds a degree in Fine Arts, a Master’s Degree in Digital Animation and has taught at the University of the Witwatersrand in the Digital Art Division of the Wits School of Arts.

When not reviewing video games, producing content, working as a freelance creative consultant and bringing up a gorgeous one year old son, Pippa may very well be found adding to her growing collection of colourful tattoos!

Twitter: @UnexpectedPippa
Facebook: PippaTshabalalaFan and PippaTshabalala
Instagram: @unexpectedgirl


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