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While watching the re-runs of the Cape Town Idols auditions after a big night out on the town, we started discussing the fact that Randall did kind of look like a preying mantis with glasses when our clearly deep and insightful chat was interrupted by the arrival of the utterly delectable Adeline Mocke on screen. We stared in amazement and had to rewind the PVR and look away, just to make sure it was indeed this mooiness who was belting out quite a treffer in front of the Idols judges… In our drunken (with joy) state, we decided to pick up the phone and flex our MyCityByNight muscle to hook up an interview with the Golden Ticket winner from Cape Town (although admittedly we did wait until the sun came before calling to set something up). We chatted about food, singing and relationship statuses on Facebook.

Finally… Idols… with a side order of hot.

Hi Adeline… *ridiculously long pause* Phew, ok we drifted off for a second there spell-bound by your… um your mystery.

No-one ever high fives us for being reasonably good looking and being able to write witty blog posts (self high 5), but we felt the need to start the interview off with a very clichéd question that you’ll probably get asked by everyone else that interviews you from now until eternity. Here goes- You’re quite a looker and a pretty good singer by our accounts- clearly a lucky recipient of a fairly industrious day from the big guy upstairs! Has singing always been a passion for you?

Singing has always been a passion, but I never had the “Guts “to do anything about it but this year was a different story so we will just have to see how it goes.

Apparently you won a competition way back in 2007 with FHM, which eventually led to you donning some swimwear and looking rather tasty in the FHM 2008 Calendar. How long have you been modeling for?

I started Modelling after school .To me it wasn’t about the modelling and looking pretty at all, it seemed like the best way to travel the world and by doing modelling I could travel to the most beautiful places and work and pay for my own Plain tickets  at the age of 18.

Related to this- do you consider yourself to be primarily a model or singer? (this will dictate how many big words we’re allowed to use in the rest of the article).

In that case definitely a singer hahaha. I felt that modelling was a great step in the right direction.

So from chatting to you its fairly apparent that you’re quite a cool girl with some wit to back up the talent and knee-trembling hotness. What do you do to busy yourself when you’re not singing from rooftops and breaking boys hearts?

Love to chill on the couch and watch a “Lekker Soppy” movie with my best friend and cry till we get dehydrated hahaha. In the summer I love to do outdoor stuff like Diving and going to the beach all my friends are surfers so we like to go up the West coast and find cool surf spots to go and camp.

What are your musical influences? And what are you currently bumping in your whip? (for the less gangster we’re asking what she’s listening to in her car right now)

I love David Guetta and Edward Maya must say that at the moment I don’t have a favourite love a lot of different stuff. Have to get a few tips for Idols by listening to a few different artists. My Musical influence is Celine Dion she came from a house with a lot of kids and didn’t have the financing to help with her career but she had a dream and that didn’t stop her from making it big. I learned a lot out of her life lesson and would love to meet her one day.

Then onto the question that everyone out there is wondering- Are you single? (first dibs on a dinner date if you are)

Hahaha I never kiss and tell, so what places for dinner did you have in mind?  😉

(Stacky not struggling to smile after that answer!)

For all of those who are not aware (due to blindness or a blatant hatred for all things good in this world) – your hotness and great talent has now been made official in the world of social media (an interview with MCBN does that)- do you think that media can play a positive role from time within the music industry- rather than report on who is pomping who?

You know the media everyone love’s a juicy story, but Media defiantly plays a MASSIVE ROLE in the industry and it can make or break a career especially when it is only starting up. You know the saying: There is no such thing as bad publicity!! Hahaha

Eternally thankful for your decision enter Idols this year- we’d like to know what motivated you to put yourself out there to be scrutinized by the rather shifty looking Gareth Cliff and the crew of Idols judges?

After 3 years of contemplation and working in a office that Sucked the life out of me I decided to give idols a shot. I love a challenge!!!

Considering you naturally serve up a side dish of HOT in everything that you do, we’d like to know- What is your favourite food (Again amassing sneaky inside tips to impress you in the near future)

I love Chinese food anything that doesn’t have any house pet’s in it will do.  Hahaha
And a Good old fashion Braai!! “Braai brootjies” are my favourite.

We were fairly stoked when you got the Golden Ticket to go up to Sun City. I’m sure this isn’t the only golden thing you’ve got in the past couple of years- maybe a statue, award or even shower? (might be a little too offside)

Charlize is one of my biggest Idols!! I would love to be so successful like her one day! Would be an honour to be in the same category with the success that she has achieved. Wouldn’t we all? What is live without dreaming?


Now for the infamous MCBN would you rather question:

Would you rather be the girl who jumps out of the cake with cream on all your naughty bits (like in American Pie) at the next sex addicts anonymous gala event?

Or alternatively be forced to sing tunes with horribly inappropriate lyrics at a close family relative’s 6 year old- Hannah Montana themed birthday party?

Hahaha not easy on me with that question are you MCBN!  Hahaha Gonne go with Hanna Montana.  Better to say sorry to the Kids then to “ keer vir you wickets” hahaha

Well MyCityByNight is firmly in your corner (so to speak) and we will be amassing all of our resources to keep you in the competition for as long as our airtime will allow us to. Good luck with the rest of the competition- we’ll be checking back with you at a later stage to see how the nerves are holding up and to chat to you… because… DO WE REALLY NEED A REASON???!!!


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  1. Yeah, Freshly Ground, they have also done well… I really do think we have the best Muso’s down here in the Cape!

    Arent Just Jinger also Kaapies?

  2. Moooinesss For the Win!!!

    This will be my first bit of suport towards the Idols SA this season!

    1. Adeline rocks!! So we’re hoping for a duel in the finals between Elvis Blue and Adeline? 🙂

  3. imagine Elvis and Adeline both make it, Cape Town for the win! Best Musicians come from Cape Town! Haezer, Goldfish, Locnville… hate that I just said Locnville but they massive…

    lets hope we can see the same from either one of these two!

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