Achy Breaky Heart has been re-released as a rap/edm/rock tune & we’re mighty confused by it

achy breaky heart 2 rap

If you’re my age, then you’ll remember Billy Ray Cyrus in his stonewashed denim jeans singing about his Achy Breaky Heart (the song was super catchy and appealed to those ears). Fast forward 20 years or so and you get the latest version of the song, titled “Achy Breaky 2” (they really thought about that).

The song is by some rapper I’ve never heard of called Buck22 and features Daddy Cyrus on backup vocals and guitar. Somehow, in the past couple of decades since the original release, the song has morphed from country pop into a rather “unique” blend of rap, rock and EDM with an equally confused video to boot. I mean, it’s really… really random – I’m sure at one point I saw some model aliens blowing smoke from an Okka pipe into Billy Ray’s Face. Does it make any sense? Is the song any good? – the answer to both of these questions is a resounding no but it does confirm that the crazy runs way up the bloodline in the Cyrus family.


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