Absinthe made legal again by France

Absinthe once made my one friend shave half of the hair on his head… and now the French have once again made the magical green drink legal! Yes man!

Absinthe or the “Green Fairy” is the drink credited with inspiring artists and poets from Vincent van Gogh to Arthur Rimbaud is ready to make its return to France after a bunch of pro-drinking lawmakers reversed the country’s 100 yr old ban against the drink.

Personally, I think its a reason to celebrate- you just know that within a couple of years the market is going to be worth a couple of  US$ Billion… meaning that there will also be huge parties from the alcohol companies who import The Green Fairy, with mooiness splashing around in big absinthe glasses! One can dream I guess.

Originally, absinthe was vilified, and romanticized, for its potency and supposed hallucinogenic qualities… These days Thujone, a chemical side product of the essence of Wormwood herb used to flavor Absinthe, and sometimes blamed for its alleged mind-bending properties, is a controlled substance under European regulations and has been all but removed.

So no real worries then? Ha. Tell that to my friend.

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