Above & Beyond “On a good day” official video

The Godskitchen Boombox and Above and Beyond is less than 2 weeks away and MyCityByNight is positively brimming with excitement at the thought of having the newly crowned number 5 in the DJ Mag Top 100 use the epic Godskitchen Boombox to destroy the likes of Jozi and Cape Town.

I know that the last time that the Godskitchen Boombox came to South Africa we got to see the likes of the record breaking, 4 consecutive title winning and current number 1 Armin van Buuren play one of the best sets I’ve ever heard while the visuals provided by the Boombox absolutely melted my brain.

We’ve already had a Twitter interview with Above and Beyond and hope to get to chat to them in person on the night and pop a video of our escapades up on our Youtube channel (sorry about the other stuff, we just havent had time to upload all of it- its freaking massive HD quality ok?!).

In the mean time- I thought that you might appreciate two tracks from these dj gods that I absolutely KNOW they will drop on the night… Memorise the words and get ready for a sing along with around 5000 other people as you all enjoy Above & Beyond in the Godskitchen Boombox!!!

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  1. cant wait to sing along!

    ur a half a world away
    but in my mind i whisper every single word u say
    and before u sleep at night
    u pray to me, ur lucky star, ur singing satellite

    above & beyond – satellite (above & beyond club mix)

  2. Please God, please God, may I make a little prayer in advance. May the good people of My City By Night grace me once again with their awesome presence, and may I pump up the jam with the crew once again and lucky strike number 2, I hope to get another opportunity to sit in with the crew on their interview with ABOVE & BEYOND….!!!!

    1. I’m sharing this little prayer with Maureen here! Would be so cool to sit in on an interview with this awesome Trio!!

      1. Guys, we have already done our Twitter interview with them…

        We will be forcing the issue on the night to organise a LIVE interview but this time it will be conducted from Cape Town! 🙂

  3. Thanks MCBN!!
    Just what we need to prepare ourselves for another crazy party!

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