Above & Beyond Acoustic – Full Concert Film: Live from Porchester Hall

above and beyond live

Earlier this month we featured one of the clips from Above & Beyond’s acoustic performances at London’s Porchester Hall (link here). Today we’re happy to bring you the entire concert film – Above & Beyond: Live from Porchester Hall to brighten up your day, even if you are reading this from a very chilly Europe or USA.

The concert features Above & Beyond performing some of their most-loved songs, acoustically as part of a 15-piece band. It’s really unbelievable stuff and should convert even the most electronic-music-hating person out there. These guys have taken their dance tunes and distilled them down to the instruments available as part of an old school band, not losing any of the melodies of riffs – class.

We literally can’t wait for the next time we get see these guys live – it’s a spiritual experience!

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