A$AP Rocky Slaps A Fan At Concert

ASAP rocky

Alright, now we know that rappers are meant to be all badass and stuff but if the allegations of ASAP Rocky slapping a female fan in the face at his concert are true then we’ve got yet another Chris Brown on our hands. Fan footage that appears to show ASAP Rocky slapping a female fan at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia has surfaced on the internet and there are a whole bunch of people who are obviously quite upset about it.

To be fair the footage isn’t exactly conclusive and may have just been a natural reaction from ASAP when he felt someone touching his hat. On the the other hand he does give the woman a good finger wagging and could have meant to give her that klap. I don’t know – in my mind you shouldn’t be slapping fans, regardless of what gender they are. Apparently hats are quite a sore point for the mega rich rapper as it was also reported that last month, he ended a show in Dortmund, Germany after his hat was taken from him by a fan after stage diving.

What do you think?


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