Having the amount of visitors we do to our site we clearly know how much you all love music!

It’s not often I WISH to be in Jozi, but this is one of those occasions…

So if you a live, acoustic, rock & roll instrument loving music lover, then this is for you… The Audio, Video and Appliance Expo 2011, Nov 10th – 13th at the Sandton Convention Centre

We talking guitars used by some of the great of our and our parent generations including Santana, Clapton and Mayer!

Dates, times and price:

NOV 10th – 13th

10:00am – 9:00pm Thursday – Saturday

10:00am – 4:00pm Sunday

R60 at the door or through www.webtickets.co.za or visit www.avaexpo.co.za

See full release below.


The LIMITED EDITION MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SHOWCASE will feature a host of incredibly rare musical instruments from some of the best known and loved brands and musicians in the world.

For nearly a decade the AVA Expo has been bringing you the best in musical instruments and hardware, and this year is no different, the LIMITED EDITION MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SHOWCASE is but a highlight of the massive display of musical equipment, instruments, and related technology taking place at the Expo.

The Music Emporium will showcase many familiar favorites at the expo, from top range guitars, keyboards, drum sets and amps, to the latest in recording and sound equipment. If you haven’t experienced the quality and power of brands like Yamaha, Dean, Schecter, Fender and Pearl, then you clearly need to visit the A.V.A Expo where all of these amazing brands are available at show prices to the public.

The highlight of this year’s music display though, will be the once in a life time opportunity to view some of the most rare and prestigious instruments in the world.

The A.V.A Expo is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre from Nov 10th – 13th.


Dean Guitar V Lost 100

At its inception, Dean Guitars started the serial numbers at 77 00101. The first 100 numbers were never produced… until now. The Lost 100 are numbered 77 00001 thru 77 00100 and built to the exact specifications of the original Dean V, Z and ML guitars that were introduced in 1977. Each instrument is hand-signed by Dean B. Zelinsky.

The Merle Haggard Tribute Telecaster

Merle Haggard revolutionized country music with this unique Telecaster sound. In tribute, Telecaster is releasing the Limited Edition Merle Haggard, which is a modified Telecaster Thinline with four way switching.

Ernie Ball Music Man JPXI Signature Guitar John Petrucci

The JPXI is the ultimate rock machine, the newest collaborative effort between John Petrucci and the Music Man R&D team. Most notably, the JPXI neck has been streamlined to a symmetric, extra slim profile featuring medium jumbo stainless steel frets with a finished mahogany neck and an ebony fingerboard.

Jackson Guitar Soloist Dragon

This one of a kind Jackson Soloist is perhaps the most underappreciated 1980s designed guitar. Unlike many guitars which were subtle variations of old Gibson and Fender guitars, the Soloist took the neck through construction, paired it with the comfortable and familiar Fender shape with Gibson neck specs, frets, and electronics. It is the perfect melding of old and new making it unique in tone and feel from anything else.

Gibson Guitar 1968 SG

The Gibson SG is a model of solid-bodied electric guitar that was introduced in 1961 by Gibson, and remains popular in the present day.The “SG”, which stands for ‘Solid Guitar’ is a classic and vintage heritage with the body style of the SG is often copied by other manufacturers.

Paul Reed Smith (PRS): Santana Guitar Models

By the late ’70s, Carlos Santana had met Paul Reed Smith and begun using one of the original PRS guitars. It wasn’t until about 20 years later, however, that the two teamed up to design, build and sell the PRS Santana signature guitars. With abalone fretboard inlays in the shapes of various birds, an exquisite flamed maple top (with accented center line), and newly developed pickups are just some of the features that make the latest version of PRS’s Santana Signature model guitar unique.

Mesa/Boogie Amps Dual Rectifier Series Limited Edition Orange

Mesa was started by Randall Smith as a small repair shop which modified Fender combos to give them more gain. Prominent early buyers included Carlos Santana, and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, helping to develop Mesa/Boogie’s reputation as an amp builder.

EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III Guitar Amplifier Head

The EVH 5150 III is the brainchild of Rock and Roll hall of fame inductee Edward Van Halen and the legendary tone masters of Fender. Combining all the features, quality standards and tone Ed requires and demands of his gear, this all new amplifier sits in a class by itself. This professional 412 cab was developed to meet the exacting specifications of Mr. Van Halen, one of the true living legends of rock guitar.

Matchless Amp 30 Watt Avalon

The Avalon amp, the only one in SA utilizes an innovative new hybrid construction method which combines point to point wiring, circuit tracing, and turret style construction. All parts, including the transformers, are identical to those that go into traditional amps and are hand wired and built in the factory in Los Angeles.

Martin Acoustic Guitar. The John Mayer OMJM Special Signature Edition

The Jon Mayer signature guitar’s quick neck, ultra-responsive Engelmann spruce top, silver-color line inlays and accents at the bridge and headstock, have proved as popular as the musician who designed it. To provide a touch of his personal style, John Mayer has created a unique art deco-inspired monogram, which is embroidered on the special vintage Geib style hardshell case. Each guitar bears an interior label imprinted with the signatures of John Mayer and Martin Chairman C. F. Martin IV, and numbered in sequence.

Martin Acoustic Guitar 28EC, Eric Clapton

In 1992, after years of performing live on electric guitars, Clapton made a wildly successful history-making MTV Unplugged appearance playing a vintage Martin model that hadn’t been made in over half a century. Martin Guitar unveiled its first collaboration with Eric Clapton when the Limited Edition 000-42EC was introduced in 1995. Just 461 of these special guitars were offered, and the entire edition sold out within days of its introduction. In recognition of Clapton’s unparalleled stature in the music industry, Martin announced an unprecedented second design collaboration with one performer.

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