A trip into the MCBN vaults with Ricky Bynight

Hello. Good Morning 🙂

I noticed the other day that our friends over at CapeTownAlive had done a bit of searching into the past- not only did they discover that Persians were never friendly neighbours but also the fact that there a few old blog posts floating around the internet from yours truely that people have maybe forgotten or dont really know about.

Being the spokesperson for unreigned self-promotion that I am, I thought that it would be kinda cool to open up the MyCityByNight vaults and bring you a couple of posts from back in the day- that I quite enjoyed writing and that some of you- kinda digged reading (just for old time’s sake).

The first one is about being 20something and dealing with all the kak that we have to:

Being 20something- Surviving the quarter-life crisis

Next up is a little bit of investigative journalism that I undertook- fast cars, police, pimps (ok maybe not pimps).

A night as a streetracer

And then finally to end this rather enlightening journey back into time was a post on the very important matter of manscaping…

Matters of Manscaping

Aah… How times have changed since then… We were but exuberant party animals with 9-5’s looking for an outlet for our creative juices and now look at us-

Um… Ok I thought that was going to end better.

Hey at least we’ve got all of you- and to me thats worth more than a brand new internet bundle 🙂

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