A Tennis Match Was Ruined By A Couple Having Really Loud Sex

We all know that tennis matches are quite specific around the quiet that needs to be observed when serving. A tennis match between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger was taking place at the Sarasota Open in Florida, when both of these players along with the crowd were distracted by a couple having some really loud sex nearby.

It’s all a bit soft in the video but you can clearly see that Tiafoe was struggling to concentrate and to cap it all off Krueger bangs a tennis ball in the direction of the culprits to try and get them to stop so he can continue with his match. Even the commentator was slightly thrown off, initially thinking that someone is watching porn on their celly in the stadium, then gradually realising that the sex noises are coming from an apartment opposite the stadium.

Have a look at the comedy of errors below:


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