‘A Taste of South African Psychedelics’ – A Free Nano Records Download

Nano records

After months of planning, Nano Records are very proud to present ‘A Taste of South African Psychedelics’ and guess what, being the legends that they are, as a special surprise for us… its totally FREE!!

18 tracks (in WAV and MP3), featuring some of the finest PsyTrance producers SA has to offer & a PDF booklet featuring South Africa’s top visionary artists, all FREE for you to download, enjoy and share.

Available NOW from the Nano Records website and also on limited edition double CD for a nice price from Psyshop!

Track Listing :
01. Broken Toy – This Is Africa
02. Zenith – Creative Minds Fly
03. Sad Paradise – Savages
04. Silo & Beartone – Cosmic Landscape
05. The Commercial Hippies – Heat Wave
06. Deliriant – fsociety
07. Breaker & Itone – Visual Hallucinations
08. Headroom – Bob The Build-Up
09. Double Story – Freedom Comes First
10. Flooting Grooves – The Hat
11. EMP – Hax
12. Shift – Eternal Flow
13. Zezia – Lizzard Galaxy
14. Bernz – ProteoMics
15. Shockwave – Arrowhead
16. Highstyle – Vision Quest
17. Tersius – Afrikan Groove
18. Particular – Numbers

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Featuring Sounds from: Dj Bernz / Beartone (akaEarthTone Music) / Breaker / Broken Toy / Deliriant/ Double Story / EMP / Flooting Grooves /HEADROOM / HIGHSTYLE / Itone / Particular (akaKillawatt) / Sad Paradise / sHiFt / SiLo / Shockwave/ Tersius Kabi / The Commercial Hippies / Zenith /Zezia

+ Visionary Art by: Psychedelic Dream Temple /Julian Graham (Aumega) / Carin Dickson(Artescape) / Jonathan West / Liquid Faeries /Juanita Kruger / Shannon Els / Sean Ravenhill /Callum Adamstein / Tamarin Fenton / Schalk Louw

Mastered by Ido @ Domestic Mastering Studios
Cover Artwork by Aumega-ॐega- (होश में ब्रह्मांड)
CD Layout by V De Ville

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