A South African startup is building cannabis factories from shipping containers and they’re for sale

A South African startup is building cannabis factories from shipping containers and they're for sale | Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay


A Stellenbosch based company is using shipping containers to build high-end marijuana grow rooms. The mini factories will allow users to grow up to 25kg’s of medical grade cannabis per month. At current market value, that much cannabis could net the seller a return of R5.4 million a year.

The company is named CanbiGold and the founders came up with the idea for containers because they believe it’s much easier to obtain the necessary certification with a “modular unit” in comparison to building an entire factory from scratch. Additionally, the growing containers are mobile and growing your bud indoors gives you more control over the immediate environment, making production a lot easier.

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We started indoor growing in a brick and mortar facility. The guidelines are very strict and we struggled to get certification for the setup we had which encouraged us to look at more modular set-ups,” Armand Redelinghuys, Operations manager at CanbiGold

The containers are built to regulation, don’t require modifying or any existing infrastructure. CanbiGold containers are selling for a whopping R6 million and you’ll need a certified cultivation licence to purchase one.

Take a look at some of CanbiGold’s images below [Source: Business Insider/ Jay Caboz] Read more on the latest Cannabis news right here.

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Photo Jay Caboz

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