A quicky with Bantu Ntukza from Teargas

Hennessy Artistry

Ahead of the Cape Town leg of the Hennessy Artistry tour we’ve decided to ask all of the collaborating artists to answer a few vital questions- questions so important that they might just cure Australia.

First up we had a chat to the absolutely massive hip hop act- Teargas- which is made up of Ntokozo “K.O.” Mdluli and brothers Ezee“Ma-E” and Bantu “Ntukza” Hanabe. The group officially came into being in 2004, after making a name for themselves in the underground hip hop circuit.

Their debut album, K’shubile K’bovu saw the trio making a splash with their hit track Chance (a siiiiick tune). The album was incredibly well received and earned the group three Metro FM awards. Their second album, Wafa Wafa introduced a more mature sound, while still speaking to their fans at a very elemental level. This album earned the group a SAMA award for Best Rap in 2009.

Not known to rest on their laurels, Teargas released their third album, Dark or Blue in late 2009. Featuring the likes of Prokid, DJ Tira, Danny K and HHP, Dark or Blue earned Teargas their second SAMA for Best Rap, as well as two more SAMA nominations for Best Group and Album of the Year.

MCBN: How would the you describe the style of music that you play?

Hip hop, this style of music is vibrant and very expressive; it is a mouthpiece for both the urban and township youth.

MCBN: Marmite or Bovril?


MCBN: Who is your favourite local artist and why?

Slikour, because his hard work is evident, he has succeeded in many ways yet he still has the hunger for more.  He appears to be very level headed with every one, I’ve seen him around his fans also he acts human around them.

MCBN: If you could perform with any artist or group dead or alive, who would it be and where would you like this “ideal” gig to take place?

That would have to be P. Diddy, and the gig could be around the world, like a Tour

MCBN: Favourite food?

Home cooked Chicken, Pap or rice, Spinach, no cream, potatoes, Pumpkin…

MCBN: What is in your cd player/on your ipod at the moment?

The beats I’ve been making.

MCBN: What is the best blog in the entire world? (any answer other than MyCityByNight will hugely frowned upon).

Definitely My City By Night  

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