A polo gti makes you 27.8% more attractive- VW date drive says so

For ages peeps have been debating whether the car you drive makes you more attractive to a would be victim of your sexy. This is the basic premise behind the VW Date Drive campaign, which targeted celebrities, top bloggers and the South African consumer, in a bid to determine whether over the course of 132 Date Drives the new VW Polo GTI indeed made the driver more desireable.

To prove the point that people are actually ridiculously shallow and that driving a new Polo GTI really makes you more attractive, VW statistically analysed the success of each date and compared this with the national dating success average. This allowed for actual percentages to be generated to showcase exactly how much ‘hotter’ people are when driving a new GTI. Applicants were asked 8 simple pre-date questions about their dating life such as ‘do you usually get a kiss on a date?’ (duh kinda obvious, have you seen what Stacky looks like?). 

They were then given the GTI for the evening to go on a date and returned the next morning to complete 8 post-date questions – each correlating with one of the pre-date questions such as ‘did you get a kiss with the Polo GTI?’ The results from each of the  pre- and post-date questions were then compared after which some clever people (machines), came up with some accurate  statistics to show how much easier navigating the dating world could be in a polo.

The final stats revealed that drivers of the new GTI  attract 10.8% ‘hotter’ date partners, get 18.2% more ‘action’ during the date and are 34.9% more likely to be invited in for ‘coffee’ at the end of the evening – proving that the Polo GTI makes daters 27.8% more attractive. 
The campaign totally rocked and was a rather ingenius take on the traditional test drive, so I’ve got to give a big high 5 to VW and everyone involved.

ps: I drive a Type R & my mooiness is smoking #justsaying


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