A Place Worth Knowing – El Greeyo Coffee Shop

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Generally, I try refrain from instructing people on how to go about their business. Sure, I’ll be the first the recommend something that has impressed me.

I could tell you that the Taproom has a fantastic new beer called the Devil’s Peak Lager and urge you to try it at your earliest convenience (seriously, do it). I could suggest a good movie or chat about the new album of a band I like. But only as long as you’re comfortable listening to me try to help you. No one likes an evangelist, so I won’t be one. All I’ll do is make a recommendation.

A strong one.

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If you live or work in the areas of Salt River, Woodstock or Observatory, this one is for you: El Greeyo, the little coffee shop on 20-something Brickfield Road.

It’s my regular joint now. I love it there. It’s that cool thing that happens when you go to a place often enough that the waitrons see you coming through the door

The owner is a man from Cuba called Tess – a considerable advantage in the coffee game because Cubans know coffee.

Anele, the waiter, is one of the coolest dudes you could hope to be served by. He is funny, polite and flippen’ with it.

The food is as hearty as the specials. For R25, you get two eggs on toast with grilled tomato and a filter coffee. Increase that to R40 and you add macon, sausage and mushrooms into the mix.

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It’s fucking outstanding value. I know you’re disappointed that they don’t serve bacon. So was I.

The hipsterism and crazy hype surrounding Truth and Deluxe and the like does not extend to El Greeyo. People are not queuing out the door to sample the latest iteration of the pumpkin-spice latte. They just want good coffee and good food at a good price.

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See for yourself any time you like. And I’m not pressuring you into doing so; it’s just a recommendation.


Oh, there’s also free wifi. If that’s what you’re into.

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