A New Price Comparison Engine For Cannabis Products in South Africa is Live


The alcohol and cigarette ban that took place during levels 4 and 5 of lockdown saw a substantial increase in cannabis sales in South Africa reported by cannabis product sellers. With so many new customers in the cannabis market, Cannabis Connect has launched a price comparison engine that checks real-time prices of over 30 shops for cannabis and CBD products.

There has been an increase in non-traditional customers in the cannabis industry. People over 60 years old, parents, etc. have been looking to purchase cannabis products during the coronavirus restrictions. With so many new customers, Cannabis Connect aims to protect the consumer from being charged too much.
Matt Davison, the founder of Cannabis Connect and five other cannabis websites says,

“Along with our reviews of products and independent sellers, Cannabis Connect has formed a partnership with some of SA’s leading brands. We’ve garnered relationships with some of the most popular CBD oil stores as well as some of the most trusted grow shops in South Africa since launching our websites two years ago.”

Cannabis Connect began by selling the most popular CBD oils in South Africa and has progressed to reviewing lights, seeds, soil, and, most recently, tents. The online hub has always aimed to educate and empower the consumer with the purchasing of cannabis products. The new price comparison engine aims to do this in a fast and efficient way.

“It will help the consumer to see the prices of many shops on one page. Shops and suppliers that are difficult to find on social media or Google will also be easy to access. We’ll be cutting out the extra costs that retailers or big online shops, like Takealot, place as markups. The consumer can then compare these prices and find the best deal.” says Matt.

The price comparison was inspired by lockdown and the increased popularity in cannabis products. It is available on two of the main brand websites, cannabisconnect.co.za and cannabis-oil.co.za.

Both of the above websites reach more than 10 000 people per month and growing. The company has made efforts to expand the team and hire more writers to help create additional content and test more products. The brand believes that interest in CBD products and the ever-growing acceptance of cannabis will only create an increase in use.

The websites will run competitions and giveaways over the next couple of months to kickstart the knowledge of the search engine’s functionality.

Cannabis Connect and Cannabis Oil aim to have 50 shops and partners by the end of the year, for a greater selection of reviews and price comparisons.

The comparison engine and data are free to access. You can find out more details at https://cannabisconnect.co.za/ or contact hello@cannabisconnect.co.za for more information.

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