A guy’s bedroom gets tilted by 90 degrees in this epic prank


I never had room-mates or siblings who cared enough to go through this much effort to prank me and after watching this video you’ll appreciate just why. There’s nothing better than a good prank and this particular effort from a bloke by the name of Tobias Mathijsen in the Netherlands has everything a prank needs to be great – preparation, effort and off the wall craziness.

Tobias decided rotate his little brother Jamiro’s room by 90 degrees while he was away on holiday. Thankfully, Tobias and his mates decided to film the prank from beginning to end, when Jamiro walks into the remixed room for the first time and screams: “but I didn’t even do anything?!” (I’m sure there were actually many reasons why he was deserving of this prank).

All in all, top marks for creativity and effort!

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