A girl guide to irritating all males in your life- ever

Guys sometimes find girls irritating. Girls find guys irritating most of the time. In a bid to ease the tensions that exists between the sexes I thought it’d be nice to give you a quick guide to some of the girl behaviours that us guys find to be more annoying than a rusty nail stuck in your arse.

Whining. We all whine from time to time in a bid to revisit the childlike days of old where whining may have got you the new Power Ranger from your parents. No guy wants go out with a mooiness whp constantly moans about everything (not to be confused with a girl who moans in bed). When I speak of everything I mean things like the weather, colour of the wall and even how your car is too noisy. All the negativity nauses us beyond belief.

Body Insecurity. This is the absolute worst- a great deal of guys are a whole lot more interested by a mooiness who is comfortable with her body and rocks exactly what she has to the fullest. Nobody wants to hear how unhappy you are with your body even if you are- unless its something really drastic like you are growing a second head from your chest, its generally not going to be worth a mention.

Mood swings. To quote the Lighthouse Family- we cant be happy all of the time- everyone has an off day but if you nust the silent treatment for more than a day, most guys will run in the opposite direction! We arent mind readers- speak up, if you’re bleak about something let us know and maybe we can work on irritating you less (unless it has anything to do with sport or our choice of friends- thats the Holy Grail of most men).

Talking about exes. Everyone has a story to tell about an ex- a story that is probably better reserved for a gin & tonic bitch session with a bestie and not with a potential suitor. Guys hate hearing about ex’s even if the story is trashing the louser and his skills in bed. If you talk about him we’ll take that as a cue that you arent quite over him just yet. DONT DO IT.

Being a total control freak. Most relationships will need both parties to compromise to make things work. If one party has to do this more than the other this is a major fail! If someone is controlling from the start its not likely that they’ll change any time soon- beware!! I know that nobody wants to go through a life-long battle to finally see who is better, who has more power and who eventually wins the relationship game. Its not how things are supposed to be.

Use it dont use it! 🙂

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