A Fan Tried To Sniff Kim Kardashian’s Bum In Paris This Week

In The Weirdest Bit Off News You'll See This Week - A Fan Tried To Sniff Kim Kardashian's Bum In Paris


Just when I thought that things couldn’t possibly get any stranger this week, Kim Kardashian was accosted by a fan while taking a leisurely stroll through Paris. The guy literally materialised out of thin air and appeared to attempt to sniff/lick Kim Kardashian’s bum before getting tackled by her security and smashed into the ground.

What a creeper!

Apparently this is the exact same dude who tried to get all up and personal with Gigi Hadid during last week. So what’s the deal with this dude? Does he just really dig getting smashed up by celebrity’s security personnel? People are so strange.


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