A Facebook event that turned into a riot – Project X Haren

Ever wondered what would happen if you set an event on Facebook as Public instead of Private when sending out invitations? Well now, thanks to Merthe Weusthuis you don’t have to anymore. This poor 16 year old forgot to change the setting when sending out invites to her 16th birthday celebrations on Facebook, leading to the party details- including her home address being published on the web. Being the crazy, party hungry Dutch that they were, soon over 224 000 people had viewed the little bash invite with many of these clicking “attending”. Shit pretty much went downhill from there (as captured by the official trailer for the event, clearly created by someone with nothing much else on their plate in terms of work).

On the day over 5000 people rocked up at the address ready in the usually quiet town of Haren in The Netherlands to get their Project X on. They were greeted by reporters and around 500 riot police along with an empty family home (Weuthuis and her family were evacuated before the start of the jol). This upset set the mob, turning them into one of the scariest things around- an angry mob. The angry mob did what angry mobs do best and proceeded to break everything in sight. It was nuts, they smashed windows, burnt things and acted a proper fool.

This is just a friendly reminder of what NOT to do when organising your next birthday…

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