A doctor that cures the most important of ailments

Ok so yesterday I was sitting in some epic traffic on the way home- coming up with new ideas for blogs and ridiculous plans for MCBN’s 1 year birthday coming up later this year, when my daydream was interrupted by a dude handing out flyers…

Being the nice guy that I am- I just decided to take one (so he could get it over and done with sooner rather than later) and my goodness am I glad I did.

You see- he handed me a flyer for a 2 “doctors” who have used their extensive experience to come up with a 7-1 PENIS COMBO!!! Yessss!

In truely politically correct style they havent forgotten about you ladies either- Yes thats right they also offer cures for “women’s problems” like marriage, divorce, differences, lost love and yup you guessed it “woman pains”. Praise the lord!

I think I nearly cried from laughter when I read the testimonials on the back-

Right- finally… Now I can finally rub some strange ointment onto my penis- with no idea of the side-effects. I’m making an appointment as we speak.

Ps. Small penis jokes will not be tolerated because they are offensive- and we’re clearly against that here 😉

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  1. Waaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is hilarious!

    More worringly Ricky, is where are you hanging out that they hand these out at traffic lights! Its a shame we only get funny money and normal handouts at paradise motors!

    This is WAY better!

    1. Parow bro… I got this one on the way home while on Modderdam- strangely enough thats not the strangest thing I've seen in those parts. Ous are mad weird over there 🙂

      Makes for good entertainment though. haha

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