A clip of the first 7 minutes of GTA V has been leaked & it looks awesome

gta 5

With just a couple of days until the launch of GTA V the latest leaked video of the first 7 minutes of gameplay is like a nugget of internet gold. As you’d expect it looks absolutely slick and superb and seems like it’s going to be the type of title that is going to keep any hardened gamer busy for a good while.

In the leaked clip, you get to see a character who’s involved in some sort of heist that goes horribly wrong (naturally) as well as a couple of the gameplay elements that are unique to Grand Theft Auto V like a cell phone and the ability to swop between different characters.

If this is what the first seven minutes of the game is like then I seriously can’t wait to lose myself to the outside world for at least a couple of weeks.


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