A Cape Town F1 – Here’s Hoping

We may have all read yesterday about this proposed F1 race in Cape Town, but if you haven’t, here is the story (some courtesy of the intelligent journalists over at iol.co.za)…

So will Cape Town really get an F1 race!

I sure as hell hope so just for the umbrella Mooiness to come here for a MCBN Monday Mooiness shoot!

***** WARNING… Intelligent shit starts here… Feel free to skip to Grid Mooiness*****

A local company will present the plans, one of three different bids for Cape Town to host a Grand Prix, to F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in the next few months.

The 5.3km-long circuit will pass some of the city’s most recognisable landmarks, such as the Cape Town Stadium, Table Bay Harbour and the V&A Waterfront.

Drivers will roar along the track with Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and the ocean as the backdrop. They will pull into a pit lane along Beach Road in Green Point for split-second repairs and adjustments to their cars.

The Cape Town Grand Prix Bid Company has been invited by F1 boss Ecclestone to present its proposal in London, a meeting the company hopes will take place before the F1 season starts in Bahrain in March.

The company was founded in 2007 by Capetonian Igshaan Amlay after a 12-year research and development phase.

Esther Henderson, the company’s chief communications officer, said the proposed Cape Town Grand Prix was modeled on the Monaco Grand Prix, which takes place in the streets of the playground for the super-rich.

“Green Point is ideal for a street circuit like the one in Monaco because we have so many beautiful natural sights in the area. So while Monaco is the ‘French Riviera’ we can have the ‘African Riviera’ in Cape Town.”

The first Cape Town Grand Prix has been mooted for September 2013.

Henderson said the route through Sea Point, Green Point and Mouille Point was chosen for its “sexy location”.

it will be modelled on the Monaco Grand Prix,” Smith said.

Ecclestone has previously expressed an interest in bringing F1 back to South Africa – the previous South African Grand Prix was held in 1993 at Kyalami near Johannesburg.

Hours before the 2010 British Grand Prix and the World Cup final, Ecclestone told the BBC: “(Africa) is another continent where we should be. Hopefully, now people will think what the World Cup has done for Africa would be good for Formula One. It would be nice to think we had then more or less covered the world.”

Henderson said the economic impact of a Grand Prix would be “enormous”.

“In consultation with Cape Town Tourism we chose to have the race in September which is one of the city’s quieter months.

“The race also attracts more affluent people to the city which present opportunities for local business to make contacts.”

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That crap out the way.. here is some F1 Mooiness that will grace our streets hopefully…

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