A brief chat with Rose Bonica ahead of #CTEMF2018

We go deep inside the mind of Rose Bonica before her debut Cape Town Electronic Music Festival performance.

We had the pleasure of chatting with an artist, musician, producer, creative and all-round lovely lady Rose Bonica. Her impressive rise through the Cape Town music scene has been prominent through her continuous raw and infectious releases, coupled with her dark and energetic creative side, it’s easy to see why she is landing herself on some of the biggest festival line ups in the country. We picked her brain on a few things before CTEMF to find out a little more of what we can expect this weekend…

MCBN: Well done on your CTEMF booking, this is your debut set at CTEMF and we’re expecting something out of this world from Rose Bonica, no pressure. How do you feel about this booking and what can we expect from your set?

Rose Bonica: No pressure at all. Lol. Getting booked for CTEMF was an affirmation that I’m doing something right and also that hard work pays off. It’s a great festival to be part of. It’s like a little nod of approval.

I’m not going to hold back and hopefully, the crowd doesn’t either. Just be open to being uncomfortable and it will be a vibe. cute.

MCBN: You’re a relative newcomer to the Cape Town music scene, but you’ve grown from strength to strength with quality productions and your live shows, what keeps you motivated to keep pushing your sounds and creativity?

RB: The motivation has been an unusual experience for me so far, usually I’ll get bored and move on to something else.
The biggest thing I feel at the moment is that I’m trying to prove to myself that I’m not totally insane for going all in and I am good at this.
So yeah, what keeps pushing me is the pressure I put on myself.

MCBN: You run a label with Big Space, called Wet Dreams Records, how did this label come about? You’re pushing a bunch of quality underground artists and a very eclectic sound. What’s in the pipeline for 2018?

RB: I’ve stepped back a bit and am mainly just an artist at Wet Dreams Recordings so I’m going to let Big Space, the creative force behind the label, respond to this one 😉

Big Space: “It started when I was in high school cause I knew ppl would never fuck with me no matter what I did and I just prayed that one day I’d find ppl to join me and now I did. For 2018 you can expect releases from Jumping Back Slash, X14, Young Om, Rose Bonica. We will also be releasing another Night Sweats mixtape and Wet Dreams Recordings Compilation”

MCBN: What’s been the highlight of your music career?

RB: If I could answer this already then I would be worried about my concept of what a career is. I think it is too early for me to have a highlight moment.
I can tell you that I am often blown away by peoples support and interest in me and my music in such a short time.

MCBN: New music? You’re producing a lot of music constantly, but your last EP ‘Rosy Disposition’ was released around 6 months ago, are you working on another EP or will you continue to release single tracks?

RB: I’ve been working on a new EP for the last 2 months, compared to ‘Rosy Disposition’ I think its quite different. My sounds developed, gotten faster and a bit harder, I have more confidence with melody and have also been experimenting with singing. It’s set for release in May.

MCBN: Brilliant, we can’t wait to hear it. If you could play at any festival in the world, where would it be and why?

RB: Dekmantel. Why? Dekmantel.

MCBN: Who are your top 3 South African artists at the moment? 

RB: Right now it’s definitely Jumping Back Slash, Big Space and Gourmet.

MCBN: The CTEMF line up is stacked with local talent and undiscovered gems, who are you most looking forward to watching throughout the 3 days of CTEMF?

RB: Chee is top of my list, his production is mad. Maxime Alexander, DJ Guy & Slowmotion City and DJ Lag. Stiff Pap would be on this list but I think we playing at the same time on Saturday.

MCBN: We’ve spoken about this topic a lot but what is your advice to the women in the music industry, we know you’re a strong advocate for producers out there and have created a strong presence for yourself, socially and at your gigs. 

RB: I see what you did there, disguising this question with flattery. Lol. The best advice I can give is always stick to your guns, push through the bullshit and winning only comes with work! Also, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Oh and fuck the rules.

MCBN: Any last words for the readers before your gig at CTEMF?

RB: Can’t wait to transcend with everyone xoxo

The highly educational and informative Open End CTEMF workshops kick off today from 3rd – 5th at the Red Bull Studios in Bree Street, while the official 3-day festival kicks off this Friday. Get down and show your support for this incredible local festival and of course, Rose Bonica on her debut set at CTEMF!

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