A bra that only unhooks for true love? Thanks to Japan, now a reality

japanese true love bra

Do you remember those old fairy tales where the mooiness had a chastity belt that could only be unlocked by a fine young man that was pure and had the key to the damsel’s well… err… heart? Our friends over in Japan have made this fairy tale a reality with the invention of a bra that unhooks only when unlocked by a suitor that the woman “loves”. The True Love Tester bra, created by lingerie brand Ravijour, claims to be impossible to unlock without true love due to sensory technology that measures heart.

Basically, if you’re excited and your heart rate rises the mobile app sends a signal to the bra to unlock itself. Unfortunately, this feature raises the most obvious flaw of the app – it assumes that a high heart rate means true love, which we know is not the case. Just imagine you were trying to avoid the advances of some pervy guy, having to backhand him thus raising your heart rate,  popping open your bra and releasing your boobs into the world.

true love bra

Apparently there is some tech built into the app which prevents your bra from flinging open while jogging down the street, but I’m remaining skeptical as this was designed by the Japanese who are quite notorious for doing strange things like host game shows about straight guys getting handies. Order one at your peril…

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