8 Years of It Came From The Jungle! [EXCLUSIVE NISKERONE MIX]



“What started off as a little experiment in 2006 that was only meant to run for a summer or two, ended up becoming an important mainstay in Cape Town’s diverse music scene. Each week, we at It Came From The Jungle have sought to craft a space for fans, super-fans and those discovering Drum & Bass for the first time to immerse themselves in the music and atmosphere. We feel we did it. 8 years is a long time and so many memorable moments were shared, from rounds and rounds of Tequilas to sets by Skrillex, Pendulum, Noisia, DJ Fresh etc. to the countless end of night lights on “one more tune” chants with friends you just made. It’s been quite a ride. We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being a part of something so special. Here’s to the future!”

8 Years is a long time and each week we sought to bring only the best in D&B to our dancefloor. It’s been quite a ride and a lots of memorable moments were made!

It Came From The Jungle History Mix – Niskerone (2008-2009) by Red Bull Studios Cape Town on Mixcloud

We’d like to say to everyone that’s supported us, from our DJs and international guests to staff and every patron (regular & just passing through) getting loose on the dancefloor… A very big THANK YOU!

This month we celebrate this big achievement with a huge party jam-packed with visuals, crazy decor, huge line up and gut-wrenching low end.

Let’s celebrate!



21h00 – 22h30 – Kamashe’ x Niems
22h30 – 23h30 – White Nite x George Daniel
23h30 – 00h30 – Phaze x Vava
00h30 – 02h30 – Hyphen x Niskerone
02h30 – 03h45 – Half Life

Visuals: Fiance Knowles



Date: Thursday 26 June
Venue: Fiction DJ Bar, 226 Long St

09-10pm: R50
10-12pm: R60
After 12pm: R80




ⓕ https://www.facebook.com/itcamefromthejungle
ⓣ @WeLoveJungle
ⓣ #8JungleYears

❝ GO APE! ❞

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