750 000 people and counting have signed a petition demanding a Game of Thrones S8 remake

Game of Thrones


Long-time fans having been airing their complaints about the final season of Game of Thrones right since it began. Many followers feel the writing in this season feels “rushed” and that sub-plots many felt were important are now quietly being dropped without any conclusion, while the fates of certain beloved characters are totally unacceptable to others.

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The chilly reception from the GOT community doesn’t end there – fans aren’t even enjoying the behind the scenes footage of each episode either, saying it strips away from the “magic” of the entire show. A lot of Fans have also complained that Emilia Clarke’s performance has been more than underwhelming throughout S8 too.

More so, they feel the creators have become lazy making obvious slip-ups like when episode five was leaked early and a Starbucks cup was forgotten in the frame while filming, and no one even bothered to edit it out.

Game of Thrones fans petition for season 8 remake

Now, more than 750,000 fans and counting have signed a petition, demanding a full remake of Game of Thrones S8, saying that David Benioff and DB Weiss, “have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent.” The disgruntled fans launched the petition on Change.org.

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The writers, the petition charges, have “no source material to fall back on” relying on the unfinished books season eight is loosely based on. The petition is now demanding a full redo of Game of Thrones S8 “with competent writers.”

First world problems eh? Feel like being entitled, sign the petition right here.

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