This 71 Year Old Grandpa Has Better Style Than You Do

This 71 Year Old Grandpa Has Better Style Than You Do

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I’ve always wondered if I’d be lucky enough to age gracefully and still be considered as a silver fox with style, if I ever make it to the ripe old age of 71 like the guy in the video we’re having a look at today. In the clip courtesy of Complex, the team catches up with a grandpa by the name of Alojz Abram, who is 71 and has a better streetstyle wardrobe than you could ever wish for. Yup, that’s right, this grandpa is decked out in head to toe Supreme and Stussy and chats about why he decided to live such a stylish life after 70 odd years on the planet.

Check out his flex below:

What a bloody legend! It’s also pretty cool that he only quite recently got into streetwear, which gives me a ton of hope for my future of style. I guess it does having some retirement money saved up to make sure that you’re the freshest dude in the nursing home. Either way this guy is serious grandpa goals for me.

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