#5GumExperience Terror Island Bus in Cape Town

A #5Gum Terror Island Bus… Yes, you have my attention right now!

#5GumExperience is back and I am sure you have seen that they have been making some noise on their social media channels over the last few days. On Sunday, they released some juicy information as more details of the upcoming event were revealed in Jozi. A #5GumExperience bus took to the streets of Greenside and surrounds. Fans and followers of 5Gum tracked the bus using this link: (click here) – How cool is that idea??

TONIGHT, Cape Town will have an opportunity to track the bus and win with 5 Gum and learn more about the next #5GumExperience. I am going to make sure I try my best to find that bus because I would love to know more about the next event, the last few have been INSANE! Who do you think is the next big act 5Gum are bringing down?

Keep updated on their Facebook page: (click here) and Twitter @5GumSA for more details… Trust me, keep your eyes on Twitter later.

You can be sure I will be on that bus this evening… I WANT to know whats going down.

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