5FM Shakedown at Trinity Winner

Alright, we’re mad amped about going to join good old Roger Goode and the rest of the 5FM crew at Trinity this Friday for a live broadcast and little bit of a party…

We asked you to tell us who your your favourite dj from the line-up was-

I just have to mention that I really would have loved to give this particular one to Stroob for the following comment:

I like grant and anele, because Anele looks simply fabulous in a bikini… and grant looks great covered in fire, so the trinity dancefloor is perfect for them!

BUT in the spirit of fairness its going to go to:


Congrats- you’ll receive a mail by the end of day with all the deets you need to get you and your partner to this epic jol… Oh and if you do see us- come say hi, we’re pretty chilled 🙂

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