5FM Shakedown at Trinity this Friday

This Friday Trinity will play host to the 5fm Shakedown this Friday 11 March 2011…

Cape Town’s superclub welcomes the likes of 5fm DJ”s Roger goode, Poppy, Milkshake and… our personal favourites Grant&Anele- ahem.

5fm will also be doing a live broadcast from Trinity and the night promises to be quite a ripper considering the radio station’s parties of the past in Cape Town.

Ticket Prices are R60 presold, R80 at the door.

Dress: SMART

Age:19 for girls 20 for guys

For tickets in Cape Town: Call Rox 0827844848.

For tickets in Stellenbosch: Call Jem 0848170192 at 96digs


The very kind folks over at GandG Productions have given us a double ticket for one of you alumni keen to go… All you have to do is leave a comment telling us who your favourite dj on the line up is… Winners announced on Wednesday. BOOOOM!

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  1. I like grant and anele, because Anele looks simply fabulous in a bikini… and grant looks great covered in fire, so the trinity dancefloor is perfect for them!

  2. Roger the dodger is going to make ends meet on friday big up MYCITYBYNIGHT

  3. Roger Goode is my fave – would love to see him live! I’ve never had the pleasure and also have never been to Trinity so it would be a double wammy of a night 🙂

  4. Roger Goode

    He’s a man with a million impressions
    … Southpark Cartman being my favourite

    He’s early weekend night tunes never dissapoint during the car trip to a Debaucherious night out… If the Cd player is busted…

    Hes fuckin mad crazy… pretty sure there’s always a game ranger chillin in the VIP area ready to gun him with horse tranq if shit gets messy

    He is why i wana go
    Milkshake’s decent too

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