50 CENT agrees to pee in a follower’s mouth on Twitter


Wait, what? How on Earth did I miss this?! A few days ago 50 Cent did as most rappers do and took to microblogging platform Twitter to promote things that he’s been paid to talk about. Except this time around when a few people began to respond to his tweet with their usual bizarre requests (you should see the stuff that people tweet @MyCityByNight), he decided to respond and troll them (sort of).

One person in particular by the name of @sexslays felt the need to ask FIDDY to pee in her mouth and much to the amazement of the general internet, he agreed with an emoticon that couldn’t display properly in browsers and an “OK”.

50 cent twitter reply

He was clearly bored and in the mood to have a bit of fun, as evidenced by some of his other Twitter replies –

fiddy reply

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