5 Things You Should Know To Sound Clever…

Why is the sky blue?  
Light waves emitted from the big burning ball of gas at the centre of our solar system is scattered by atmospheric particles and the blue light, having the highest wavelength, gets through the most, making the sky blue. (I know, I’m still not sure what that means either, but I doubt anybody is going to argue with you other than Onaj…)

What is the most addictive drug out there?  
This one is pretty easy- Nicotine, which is followed quite closely by Heroin then Tik (methamphetamines). Although as far as I am aware, Kreg is the most addictive drug known to women across the world…

Why don’t moths try to fly to the sun?  
Moths use the moon to navigate, always keeping it at right angles, so they can migrate. If they try to keep your normal household electric light at 90 degrees it just makes them go in irritating little spirals (apparently they never confuse the sun with moon in the same way they do with lights).

Why does sweat smell?  
Bacteria present on all of our bodies feed off of dried sweat, which causes the delightful “hot-dog with crispy onions and all the sauces” smell. Sweat itself isn’t actually stinky and instead has a slightly musky pong that unconsciously attracts us to each other.

Why doesn’t Donald Duck wear trousers?  
Really if you know the answer to this please let me know. I am however aware that he always wears a towel when coming out of the shower… Mysterious.


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  1. what would I argue about? You are right, but is the sky really the colour blue we believe it to be, humans have a limited visual spectrum (as in light that our eyes can pick up) so we missing out…

    But I have one question what kind of animal is goofy?

  2. Goofy is a human with dog like appearance… but if you want to be accurate about it then take a look at this:

    Goofy is a dog. His original name was Dippy Dawg.

    “The character whom we know today as Goofy first appeared six decades ago in Mickey’s Revue (1932). Then a bit player (as an obnoxious “laugher” in a barnyard audience), he sported whiskers and square spectacles and was called Dippy Dawg.”

    That help Onaj? 😉

  3. Walt Disney was just a cooked out guy in general me thinks- some of those characters from the Disney cartoons were really odd once you gave some thought to them…

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