5 Flies presents The Bloody Grail – Part 2 in The Murder Mysteries Series

Often when you get sent a press release about an “awesome” special at a restaurant it’s filled with PR speak that leaves you disappointed when you actually go to the event and it’s not good. This is not one of those occasions.

Jo-Ann During at 5 Flies invited MyCityByNight along with top media personalities like our friend Liezel van der Westhuizen (mooiness!) to come and experience an evening of mystery, intrigue and good food. We had to dress up in Egyptian attire, which for guys means wearing dresses and eye-makeup. We then had to find out who the killer was at our table during the course of our dinner. Everyone stayed in character and we got very drunk. It rocked.

Now 5 Flies presents the second edition of the Murder Mysteries series to the public. It’s the best thing you can do in Cape Town if you’re a foodie and crave an experience. I had a brilliant time out when I went and will more than likely be making a repeat appearance at one of the future chapters, like maybe the New Orleans one (I could rock some gangster attire). Here are all the details you need:


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