5 burning questions, answered, today.

1. What’s the most venomous snake in the world?

“The Fierce Snake” (I promise), which is found in the Australian Outback. A single male snake contains enough venom to kill a quarter of a million mice. Personally I don’t quite understand the point in having the power to kill all those mice even though the snake will never eat close to that many in its lifetime. I mean Julius Malema has a few billion brain cells and… wait a minute… never mind.

2. Could Jurassic Park happen?

No, don’t be stupid, that’s an absolutely ridiculous, next question.

3. Why are dogs years worth 7 Human years?

This is because dogs have a different metabolic rate to that of humans. Their cells multiply and decay at different rates to humans, hence the conversion.

4. Why do dogs lick their testicles?

The rather obvious answer is “because they can”.

5. What’s the quickest way of locating your lost (or hiding) girlfriend in a supermarket?

Well, statistically speaking, you should head to the exit and wait. Or if you are like us over here at MyCityByNight, you can just wonder around Pick & Pay carrying the box of Tampax super absorbers and the pink Gilette Ladyshave with the moisturising bar at the end that she asked you to go and get.

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