46664 It’s no joke hits Cape Town

While in full networking mode at the launch of 2OceansVibeRadio, Kreg and I bumped into old friend and industry hottie Amy L and she got chatting to us about the latest awesome 46664 event that her company REAL CONCERTS is involved in organising.

Tm 01 August will see the 46664 Its No Joke Comedy show come to the Grand Arena at the Grand West Casino (very familiar to the MCBN crew) after a capacity one-night only show at Sun City.

The show sees the likes of Barry Hilton, Chris Forrest, David Kau, John Vlismas, Marc Lottering, Ndumiso Lindi, Nik Rabinowitz, Riaad Moosa, Trevor Noah, Tumi Morake and Darren Whackhead Simpson will be combining forces in aid of Nelson Mandela (I feel like I should lower my head out of respect every time I say that name) and his 46664 charity.

The show is set to be the biggest comedy production ever created for a live stage in South Africa- and guess what??! We’re going!!!

So if you do still manage to get tickets over HERE for around R150 (which I highly doubt), come join us for what promises to be the FUNNIEST start to the month of August yet!!!

Tim Massey, International Director of 46664, had this to say:

“We are delighted with the success of the 46664 It’s No Joke comedy shows and we are inspired by the support of these brilliant comedians, who have given their time once again in support of the 46664 campaign. By using comedy we have a new platform to add to music and sport that delivers our message on social justice while calling upon each of us to help improve our society.”

Serious ab work-out ahead!!! 🙂

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