45 Days, 45 Drugs, 45 Self Portraits

I don’t profess to be ignorant when it comes to my knowledge of art but I’m pretty sure this guy is pushing the boundaries. An artist by the name of Bryan Lewis Saunders recently wrapped up a project of self portraits like none before. He took a different drug every day for 45 days and drew a self portrait under the influence (and you thought your 3 day binge was impressive).

Check out some of the highlights:

Butane Honey Oil – Or Hash Oil. Looks fun based on the expression of his face alone.

Half Gram of Cocaine – while drawing he probably blabbered on to his cat about how awesome he was at advertising. Grr.

A tik bulb – Yes. This guy slatted tik for this project. Looks like he’s got a skip in his step. Electric man. Electric…

DMT – Also known as the “GOD” chemical that is released when you die. Pretty philosophical stuff.

Psilocybin Mushrooms – This one is probably my pick of the bunch. Looks like he was having an utter ball of a time while doing this one.

Whoaah. Arty man. DONT DO DRUGS. Check out the rest of the project over here

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