4 Artists At Alien Safari Flying Circus We’re Beyond Amped To See!

Alien Safari - Flying Circus Is Around The Corner & We're So Excited About it, We Just Had To Make a List.

All words by Kylruaaa.

We are closing in on Flying Circus weekend and after taking a look at the full line up, we can honestly tell you we are stupidly excited about the musical journey that awaits us. Alien offers a full range of the psy-genre and we don’t think we’re leaving the dance floor for any of it. Here is a list of some acts we’re particularly excited for.

Can of Tomato Soup – Despite the hilariously arbitrary name that I can’t seem to fathom how they got, the beats these boys play are very, VERY serious! Expect some fast-paced, super exciting, first pumping action!
One half Disco Volante & one-half Contrast – these 2 Cape Town boys are going to show you how psy is meant to be. ??

Rubix Qube – What needs to be said here? Rubix Cube is firmly on the list of favourites for most of us.
Have no doubt, you’ll be getting the full dose of Rubix Cube’s unmistakable sound. His sets always bring an incredible energy to dance floors. Baselines so deep, it will bring the dead back to life (I speak from first-hand experience here).

Expect to see him as one of the headliners in the evening

Mad Maxx – My personal fav on the list! I knew little of him and more on his music, but since hearing he’ll be playing at Flying circus, I quickly brushed up on my Mad Maxx homework and familiarised myself with some of the music he’ll be playing… and my nerves, is it absolute gold!

A great tempo with loads of build-ups. It’s the kind of music that plays in your head long after the jol is done and you’re finally home, alone in the shower, dancing to that strange phantom music playing in your head while you scrape the mud off your feet (I can’t be the only one that happens to!).

Ajja – If you don’t know how big this booking is, let us break it down for you. This dude is a Legend. Ajja has etched himself firmly in the international psytrance scene and plays at the biggest festivals around the world. Now, we finally get the dreadlocked, tattooed psychedelic genius down to S.A!!,

Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this experience – A full psychedelic journey awaits.

All in all, Alien Safari are masters in putting together music for music fans. We’re counting down the nights till we get to leave the city, till we get to take off our shoes and dance barefoot the way we were all meant to. ?

Just be sure to get your tickets before they completely sell out: http://bit.ly/FC2017QUICKET


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