3Peat Present a Hilarious Short Spoof of Horror Films and Their Clichés on POC’s.

Comedy Central and 3Peat – an impressive Chicago improv group – present a hilarious short spoof of modern horror films, their clichés and stereotypes – those predominantly surrounding black culture as well as the lack of it in horror films.

As a group of friends race through the woods late at night while being chased by a bloodthirsty white madman, one person trips and falls behind while the rest of his friends head for a house up ahead, leaving him for dead – but he survives at the mercy of the killer (because he fell like a white woman) who dishes out one ultimatum – sacrifice the “blackest” back of his friends. Pure uncensored, comedic chaos ensues!

It’s entertaining, as well as thought provoking but mostly we guarantee laughs all around. Enjoy this phenomenal skit by the very talented dramatic collective 3Peat.


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