36 Boutiques SA’s premier online fashion store is now open 24/7

We’re all generally quite a lazy bunch… The only time we’re really lured outside to do anything is if there is a promise of:

a) mooiness

b) alcohol

c) food


d) a combination of all 3 for a bonus trifecta prize.

South Africa has started to ride the digital wave and now allows us the opportunity to get the latest fashion trends at a fraction of the price when compared to the traditional method of shopping that involves you fighting off other people for the last navy maxi dress in your size. Enter 36Boutiques – SA’s premier online fashion retailer…Now Open All Year Round, 24/7.

The site relaunched late last month to come back cooler than ever with the introduction of constant collections alongside their famous Flash Sales, ensuring that customers have access to a wide selection of local and international brands to meet their desires. From well-known brands and designers to bright, young up-and-coming talent, 36Boutiques caters for a wide market taking all wallet sizes into consideration.

Once logged onto the site you will have the opportunity to compare garments by price, designer, occasion or fit. Your online browsing experience is also fully customizable with the option to personalise your profile by adding your favourite radio station, fashion icon and magazine, review and make comments about products or share them with your friends on your favourite social channels, as well provide the much needed hint to your partner with a lust-have wishlist (take note guys).

All items are beautifully packaged and delivered directly to your door by a professional courier. Another nice touch is the opportunity to receive great discounts on designer brands with the added plus of free membership (so buy that brand your mooiness has been lusting after for a reduced price and give it to her- knowing that she thinks you’ve just shelled out the full sky-high cost and not spent the change on booze and cheap hookers)- eish. cant believe I just wrote that.

For more information visit www.36boutiques.com, @36Boutiques on Twitter or 36Boutiques on Facebook. Feel free to contact 36Boutiques online by filling out the easy to use contact form.



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